We require a minimal effort on your part, while still involving you in all decisions.

Our process is designed to require minimal effort from the client while providing them with continued involvement in all decisions.

Phase 1

Begins with an initial audit of your gas, water, electric, telecommunications (local, long distance and wireless), waste removal, freight and credit card processing services. For this audit we will need a one month copy of the most recent invoices for the aforementioned services. Optimum will provide under your direction any assistance needed while gathering these invoices. All of this can be completed within a short time frame.

Phase 2

Completed 100% off premises. This is the initial auditing phase. The timeline on this phase is dictated by the volume and complexity of the invoices being audited.

Phase 3

Involves a meeting in which we disclose the opportunities for savings and refunds discovered during the audit. Once there is an understanding and a comfort level on the client’s behalf, Optimum begins to facilitate the recovery of all refunds and savings opportunities identified.

Phase 4

The final phase begins after all implementations are complete and Optimum has procured documentation of all savings and refunds realized. Only after you have received credits and savings does Optimum present its first invoice. We will then walk you line by line through the invoice until you have a 100% understanding of the value provided.

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