Making Sure Management Is Maximizing Time

Employees are the eyes and ears of an organization, but management set the foundation for the environment. A company cannot operate efficiently if the management is not maximizing time and promoting employee productivity. On the same token it’s encouraged that you create a good environment for employees that promotes productivity and reduces time wasting behavior. In order to maximize time the key is not to master time management, but rather self-management amongst employees. In order for management to maximize time there needs to be an efficient system in place that reinforces expectations so that time can be spent being productive not constantly micromanaging employees.
Establish Day-to-day Goals with Reminders
The goal-setting process conveys expectations and includes employees in general company goals. Goals should include more than output measures to be most efficient. Review all goals frequently with the employees. Consistent review of goals helps the employee remain on track with the primary goals and can help pinpoint reasons for productivity gaps. When setting goals it’s important to distinguish a method for measuring progress and acknowledge top performers as well as the less productive employees. Implement monetary rewards for productivity to all employees. Company-wide employee incentive plans can be successful, particularly when employee positions are codependent for productivity and success.
Make Communication amongst employees more efficient
Create a network that permits server and email access regardless of an individual’s location-whether home, training room, or taxi. Train employees of technology that allows and encourages remote sharing of information so they may work in virtual mode whenever capable. Employees may surprise you with the extra work they can complete outside the regular 8 to 5 routine when suitable systems are put in place for continuous access. For your network to operate properly, it is also essential that employees have access to managers as needed outside of the office as with their fellow employees. In many companies, managers need to be prepared to make themselves accessible during off-hours or weekends.
Provide a Good Working Environment.
Inform the employees what they need in order to be more effective in their job, since their concepts may vary from what you believe is best suitable. Institute techniques for employees to indicate their unavailability for meetings, contact or disruptions during times when concentration is vital. This can be a practice as simple as a closed door or phone on “do not disturb,” or the use of scheduling tools to designate a block of time as “busy” or “unavailable.” Centralize printing amenities in strategic locations on the floor to alleviate excessive printing and reduce noise in the open workspace.
How Optimum Expense Recovery and Consulting can help you
Optimum Expense Recovery and Consulting specializes in overhead costs reduction. Their services can ascertain areas in your company where production may be inefficient. Their external audit system permits you a third party analysis of possible gaps in management productivity or consumption issues that you may not have caught upon personal review. Their analysis promotes time maximization because it relieves management from the task, and it implements a system of checks and balances with the incorporation of an outside review party.

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